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How do you help a national retailer reach a younger audience? Together, we established a brand, digital and retail strategy around the world.
Date June 10, 2015
Services eCommerce, Web Design

The eCommerce Strategy

The team at Avantgarde provided us with feedback regarding their existing site and identified that the new platform needed an elevated path to purchase experience. Along with this, we needed to find ways to incorporate and support their existing brand/culture content. This informed a new strategy of thinking and we sought out to support their higher goals of making the site more transactional in a manner that leverages their use of great photography, pairing it with beautiful interactive design, and streamlining the user flow in a way that delights and promotes product.

Once we aligned on the business goals, we performed an audit on the existing platform to better understand what was and wasn’t working relative to their competitor’s sites. Through a comprehensive UX audit, it was important to establish a feature and functionality matrix that aligned with the site content hierarchy and information architecture. Secondly, the site was built within a responsive framework to accommodate new devices and a variety of form factors.